Have you heard that quote, what you do with your days is what you do with your life? It is so true and I’ve been reflecting on this for the past few days. As I’ve shared, I’m a goal setter. Meaning I love goals! All kinds of goals. I set goals for everything in my life. And it’s helped me accomplish many things. The way I look at it, you really fill your day with what matters most to you, right? Regardless of your goals, what you do is what matters. However, I’ve found that often I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to goals and what and who I want to be. Can you relate? I want it all! These are things I want to do in no particular order:

Have a clean house
Have a trendy and up to date wardrobe
Cook fabulous leisurely meals for my family each night with locally sourced, sugar and chemical free products
Workout daily
Read my bible from cover to cover annually
Pray without ceasing
Be a fabulously hot wife who is always willing to spend countless hours with my husband
Be available and loving to my children always
Have a clean house (I put this on the list twice- hum does that say something about my desire for a clean house!)
Be a groundbreaking entrepreneur
Be a published author
Have 10 best friends
Be well read
Be gracious to all
Meditate for 20 minutes a day
Hike weekly
Be an accomplished painter
Read to my children for an hour a night
Be a source of inspiration
Have a well designed beautiful home
Set my daily goals the night before
Go to bed with a washed and moisturized face and flossed teeth
Sleep 7 hours a night
Stick to my schedule for ultimum productivity
Volunteer in my son and daughters classes
Volunteer on the PTA
Volunteer at Girl Scouts
Serve at church
Plan monthly girls night outs
Feel calm and collected

I’m guessing it’s not shocker to you that I’m not able to do all of those things. I do try and some days I feel like the victory is mine and other days I just feel like a total failure. In For the Love by Jen Hatmaker she says,

“Decide which parts are draining you dry. What do you dread? What are you including for all the wrong reasons? Which parts are for approval? Is there anything you could delegate or hand off? Could you sacrifice a Good for a Best? Throw out every should or should not and make ruthless cuts. Go ahead. Your beam is too crowded. I know it.”

I just love that quote. You can not be and do it all. If anyone says you can, they are lying. Each day we have to decide what really matters most. I can’t do all of the things on my list, and need to delegate, pare down, simplify and let go. I have to decide what truly matters and what I’ve discovered is that can change. One day you might really feel the need to meditate and the next a walk on the beach is what does the trick. The next day you might feel really inspired to make a beautiful dinner for your family and still the next night a frozen pizza might do the trick. I tend to be a very black and white person (not something I’m proud of). For me it often is all or nothing. If you aren’t going to be able to read classical literature to your children for an hour a night then you really must not love your children. What? Where in the world did I come up with that?

As we walk through this journey of life and entrepreneurship we must realize that our lives are like a block of granite and we’re being chipped and chiseled away. Parts of us stay and parts of us are swept away. What we choose to spend our days doing is the makeup of our lives. What choices are you making the will sculpt and shape who you are and the impact you make on those around you?

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