Life’s a journey isn’t it? As I reflect on the past 12 years of my entrepreneurial life there have been so many highs and several lows. After selling my largest company in 2014 I was happy to have some time and space to reflect on life and be with my children and husband. Yet, as a person accustomed to making things happen it was important to me to start something new. I’d had so much success with business coaching and had such a love of entrepreneurship that business coaching seemed a natural fit, so I went through training and opened by business coaching practice. Nearly simultaneously I had stumbled across the podcasting industry. I’ll never forget my husband coming home and saying, “Have you ever listened to a podcast?” I loved audiobooks and had tried to listen to podcasts in the past, but hadn’t had much success (because I didn’t have a smartphone). When I truly discovered podcasts, I was all in. I listened non-stop. The thought that kept rolling around in my mind was, they do this for free? All of this great information and it’s free. I was in love. The next logical step was to start my own podcast which has been fun and taught me so much.

As my business coaching practice took root I saw all the benefits and opportunities to be had as a coach, but I also saw the challenges. I was used to having a team and working on a collective mission and project. Working by myself was something I knew wasn’t going to be sustainable and while I love coaching and will continue to be a coach I saw that I needed something more.

Having started my career in advertising sales I’ve always had a keen eye for ads. The more podcasts I listened to the more I was surprised by how few had ads. As I developed relationships and was able to follow Facebook groups on the topic of Podcasting I saw the need and desire to monetize podcasts. Podcasters are happy to be podcasting, but it’s a lot of work and at the end of the day if they’re not making money they’re going to stop as some point. I began to investigate the companies that specialized in selling podcast advertising. To my surprise (okay, maybe I wasn’t that surprised) they only serviced the top 1% of podcasts. If a podcast had a ton of downloads they were able to hire a company to help them “sell” ads on their podcast. I thought, what about the rest of the shows. Simply because they don’t have 100,000 or even 10,000 listeners per episode doesn’t mean they don’t have a great, targeted and very loyal listenership.

True Native Media was born. I had to help service these podcasts. There are many, many companies that would love to advertise on podcasts and many, many podcasts that would love to have those advertisements on their show. That’s where I come in. True Native Media is connecting these businesses. This idea was one that’s kept me up at night. An idea that came to me in a flash and felts so comfortable, so doable and I’m so passionate about it!

I’ve been working on the business for about six weeks. I have the website, and contracts finished and I have my first customers. As an entrepreneur I’ve found there are businesses that feel right, and there are those that merely appeal for their money making characteristics. True Native Media isn’t about just making money, it’s about passion and building an organization that is going to help foster the growth of business.

I’m on cloud nine. If you know of a podcaster who’d like to have advertisers, or of a business that would like to advertise on a podcast send them my way. True Native Media is open for business!

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