I started listening to podcasts because I love audio. In my early twenties I was at a garage sale and came upon a stack of cassette tape programs. I believe there were five. They were all fully intact and I think I paid $10 for the bunch. The two that I remember well and listened to over and over were Wayne Dyer’s Manifest your Destiny and Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field. These programs had a significant impact on my life. Earl Nightingale in particular really spoke about how we make choices each day in our lives . Choices to do or not do. The stories that he told about taking responsibility for your life hit me to the core. At that time I was an outside salesperson and I drove around a lot. I listened to those tape programs again and again. I read that your car should be a mobile university and that if you weren’t listening to tapes that would help improve your effectiveness in your career or give you a higher level of motivation you were wasting time. I agreed. From there I consumed hours of audio and written materials. I checked audio books out from the library, I scoured thrift stores and yard sales. When I got my first smart phone I downloaded audio books from the library. And then one day I found podcasts. Audio programs were traditionally really expensive, thus my search to borrow and attain my audio programs second hand. When I realized that all of this audio content was free, my mind was blown and I was hooked.

Fastforward to today and my love the of the podcast industry grows steadily. Recent reports show that podcast listenership in America went from 46 million monthly listeners to 57 million monthly listeners in a year. People are finding this medium and they are loving it. As I’ve mentioned in my past episode this love of podcasts combined with my experience in marketing has led me to create my new business True Native Media, where I’m able to connect podcasts with advertisers. This business has been such a wonderful experience of creation and connection and as the company has grown I’ve had to evaluate my time commitments and focus on my goals.

I started my podcast Leap to Grow because I have such a love of business. Having started several companies and learned so much along the way, I’ve had a deep desire to help others grow their companies and support them on their journey to experience the thrill of success and the satisfaction that only comes from owning your own business. I’ve had the privilege of working with many business coaching clients and continue to work with individuals to provide accountability, inspiration and guidance for creating a profitable business. The focus of Leap to Grow has been on business development. A big part of business development is sales and marketing. Some might argue and I’d be one of them that sales and marketing are the two most important cornerstones in any business.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an article on Leap to Grow, or published an episode on the podcast. During this time I’ve been evaluating the program, trying to decide what I want to provide the world as a podcaster and an entrepreneur. The idea of giving up the podcast altogether really wasn’t an option for me. I love the show and as I mentioned I love everything there is to love about the industry. Keeping the show was a must. However, I want to be able to use this podcast to discuss the power of podcasts and digital marketing as a whole and that is why I’ll be launching The Business of Podcasting starting in the next episode. If you’re a current subscriber, you won’t need to do anything, because I’ll be transitioning Leap to Grow, by basically just changing the name. What you can do to help is please subscribe to the show if you aren’t already a subscriber and please share the show with those that you feel might benefit from listening.

So what can you expect from the Business of Podcasting. On the new program I’ll continue to provide information about how to grow your business, but it will have a much greater focus on sales and marketing. It will also feature people from the podcast industry and advertising world. It will feature the newest information about the power of podcasts and why advertising on a podcast is an excellent form of marketing.

I’m really excited to launch the new program and I’m thrilled that you’ll be listening.

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