Praise for Heather

“Business is awesome. It’s been 8 weeks now since I launched it and I have had 7 clients, so I’m averaging a client a week. I’d love to get that two per week but it’s coming. 

You should know that I listen to EVERY episode of the podcast.  If I had never heard of How to Quit Working Program, my business would not exist, plain and simple. Even as I write these words, it’s almost emotional to think about the changes that I’ve made in my life in just the last two months and its due in large part to you (Heather Osgood) and Jeff. Saying thank you just doesn’t even seem like enough, but it’s all I have. Thank you!!”


“I started a business January of 2012 with a bit of naivety and a lot of passion. Last year I was tired, overwhelmed and had expanded twice to keep up with our growth but still felt like I needed to do more. I hired Heather at that time because I knew it wasn’t sustainable for me and I didn’t want to burn out.

What I love about Heather is she empowered me to access my intuitive business mind and move through the challenges rather than escape. She guided me back to my own intentions and purpose and helped me cut back the things that were draining me while building the things that would have the best impact on my business. She asks the tough questions but respects the voice and opinions of her clients while not imposing any agenda of her own. It has been about 10 months since we first met and I am still in contact with her. My business has “grown up” in the last 10 months and it’s quality has improved. I feel expansive in a new sustainable way now and thanks to her guidance am building a team of people I can trust to take with me on this journey. My time with Heather has certainly been worth it, I am grateful for her support and wisdom.”


“I have been working with Heather as a business coach for 4 months. I have personally known her for 8 years.

I feel my situation is a little unusual as we have 3 businesses plus of course “life”. In the past, I have had coaches that have focused on one area, one business, but really not on me as a whole. That is what I feel has been the biggest difference with Heather, she realizes the different facets and coaches with wisdom and heart.

The biggest problems I was facing as a leader was probably lack of direction. I was working hard on lots of different areas and spending lots of time. Heather and I were able to make a game plan that is flexible, but really represents to goals I want to achieve in my businesses and life. I love her fiscal intelligence, when I mention something, and she says” that’s a big deal. We need to examine that a little more.”

I got results immediately. We are still on this journey of success together and I don’t foresee me not having her as a coach this year or next year. She is probably the most valuable change I have made to my businesses in the last 7 years. I look forward to celebrating many successes with her on the future.

In would encourage you to seriously consider working with Heather.”


> Can you tell me a little about your experience with her?

Heather has been coaching me since the end of January of this year. We usually do two classes a month (so, every other week). She is not only professional, but she is also friendly. She’s been a great help and support for me since I started the process of starting my business.

> What kind of problems were you facing when you hired her?

I wanted to start a business (and had tried several times before), but wasn’t sure how to do it and every time I did it I never really got off the ground. Heather has been able to help me understand my purpose, make a plan, and focus on my goals so that I can get my consulting business started. Working full time and trying to do that is super difficult, and with Heather’s help I’m very close to opening shop. I’ve already started scouting for clients and am currently working on my business’s website.

> How long was the process?

We’re at 7 months, and possibly ending at 8 or 9; mostly because I’ve had health issues along the way. To be honest, however, the pace of getting things done within the classes is up to you. Heather is there to teach you, guide you, and give you advice and recommendations along the way. I wish I could keep her forever!

One thing that I have learned through the process is that everything is fluid; you may set goals and write lists, but Murphy always shows up in some way, shape, or form to bring setbacks. And that’s ok! You have to learn how to roll with the punches, and for that Heather plays the roll of a boxing coach, teaching and encouraging along the way.

> What was the outcome?

Between all of the people whom one expects to cheer you on a business adventure, like family and friends, Heather is my biggest fan. She talks me out of my self-doubt and she *knows*, probably better than I do, than I’ll be an awesome entrepreneur. And I know it’s not lip service; I know that Heather has the training and tools to know and be honest about how I can approach situations (based on my personality type and other things) to have the most successful outcome. She wants me to succeed!

> Was it worth it?

I would not be in the advance state of progress that I am in starting a business without her. I’ve learned new skills and gained confidence in my abilities as an entrepreneur. Her expertise is definitely worth it.

I hope this helps you in your research to hire Heather as a coach. She’s great! I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions that you have.

Have a great day!


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