About Me

I'm just like you- trying my best each day to make the most of my life and my passion- entrepreneurship

I’m a business coach with clients spanning the globe. My purpose is to help people find and live in their brilliance. From starting a business to helping your successful business bring greater life stability- I thrive while working with individuals and partners to create the business and life they love.

Heather Osgood is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for living outside her comfort zone and a system for continual self-improvement.

Starting her career in Advertising Sales she quickly learned what it meant to be a business owner, seeing the failures and successes of hundreds of small business owners.

Her training and knowledge in sales and marketing created a strong foundation for the development of her trade show production company which she owned for over nine years and just recently sold.

The sale of this business and the knowledge that she gained from the highs and lows of operating that company allowed her to intimately experience the challenges that every entrepreneur faces, wanting to do too much with too little money and too little time.

Struggling through the great recession in business allowed her to learn valuable skills about what really matters in the success of an organization.

Heather Osgood


She and her husband currently own a hair cutting business and have just launched a product based e-commerce site along with her business coaching practice.

Her determination to succeed in business, coupled with her love of people and her desire to encourage others to perform at their peak potential motivates and drives her daily.

The knowledge that entrepreneurs can create the lifestyle that they desire is a message that she’d like to share.

Being an entrepreneur is unlike any other lifestyle, and it is a priceless experience. Being an entrepreneurs means helping others get what they want and need so you can meet your goals.

She lives by the motto-Leap and the net will appear.

Heather is a certified How to Quit Working Coach

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