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Something New- In the Works

I started listening to podcasts because I love audio. In my early twenties I was at a garage sale and came upon a stack of cassette tape programs. I believe there were five. They were all fully intact and I think I paid $10 for the bunch. The two that I remember well...

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Praise for Heather

“Business is awesome. It’s been 8 weeks now since I launched it and I have had 7 clients, so I’m averaging a client a week. I’d love to get that two per week but it’s coming. I got fired from my day job a month ago and it’s the BEST thing ever. That’s a first for me but I’m embracing it and taking as a sign that this is what I should be doing anyway.

You should know that I listen to EVERY episode of the podcast.  If I had never heard of How to Quit Working Program, my business would not exist, plain and simple. Even as I write these words, it’s almost emotional to think about the changes that I’ve made in my life in just the last two months and its due in large part to you (Heather Osgood) and Jeff. Saying thank you just doesn’t even seem like enough, but it’s all I have. Thank you!!”


“What I love about Heather is she empowered me to access my intuitive business mind and move through the challenges rather than escape. She guided me back to my own intentions and purpose and helped me cut back the things that were draining me while building the things that would have the best impact on my business. She asks the tough questions but respects the voice and opinions of her clients while not imposing any agenda of her own. It has been about 10 months since we first met and I am still in contact with her. My business has “grown up” in the last 10 months and it’s quality has improved. I feel expansive in a new sustainable way now and thanks to her guidance am building a team of people I can trust to take with me on this journey. My time with Heather has certainly been worth it, I am grateful for her support and wisdom.”


Heather is a Certified How to Quit Working Coach

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